Fully Vetted Top Talent at Competitive Rates

From short-term project contractors to a complete implementation team, we deliver the right match – usually within 48 hours. With a 90 percent success rate, you’ll never waste your time with candidates who are not quite the right fit. Razor Talent delivers better results than other staffing agencies.

We identify the best people by learning their goals, experience and evaluating each on:

  • Difficult-to-find skills and experience
  • Technical abilities
  • Professional communication skills
  • Specific experience in projects like yours

Ready to move your project forward? Contact Razor Talent to request candidates.

Choose the Service Model That Suits Your Requirements:


Access a highly-experienced team of technical resources to complete projects of any size or technical requirement without disrupting daily operations. Razor Talent can provide skilled people on an as-needed basis so you can accomplish your business goals without adding to your headcount.


Want to try an employee on the job before making a hiring decision? We’ll send you one of our best people, and you can let us know what you think. We’re sure we can find someone so great, you’ll want to keep him.

Vendor on Premise (VOP)

Razor Talent can manage your temporary workforce as a single point of contact. While we handle job orders, training and administrative paperwork, you can focus on your core initiatives.

Razor Talent can provide an on-site coordinator to manage at your site, freeing you to handle more pressing tasks.

Here’s what having Razor Talent on-site can do for your business:

  • Streamline your hiring process
  • Create a single point of contact for consulting and support
  • Standardize work processes/flow
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce time-to-fill
  • Eliminate “Maverick” spend
  • Control labor costs

Single Source Management/Managed Staffing

Why spend time managing multiple vendors when Razor Talent can do it for you at a lower cost and greater productivity? Our services include recruiting, vendor management and consolidated billing and reporting programs.